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The Back-Bone of any brand, the Digital Marketing strategy is at the center of every effective brand strategy. PFG’s expert marketers are teamed with creative graphic web designers, SEO savvy content writers and consumer facing web developers to create and manage effective digital campaigns, landing pages and websites, which convert first-time customers into long term customers while maintaining and/or enhancing your brands appeal so loyal members remain engaged, rewarded and drawn back repeatedly boosting brand awareness, sales and brand reputation.


Print / Radio / Television. Sadly, some feel these forms of marketing are dead, however, when done correctly and in conjunction with an effective digital strategy, these forms of marketing can boost your brands sales, awareness and reputation. Radio still reaches 85% of the US population every week, television is viewed on average about 4 hours per day and consumers still receive thousands of mail pieces per year.

PFG works across these marketing channels seamlessly while integrating them into your digital marketing plan for maximum effectiveness.


PFG understands your brand is your tether to your customer base. Our Marketers prepare a unique and creative plan via research and customer feedback, to distinguishing your company’s image, products and services from your competitors. Our Brand Development tactics include aligning your brand with key influencer’s that can help your business achieve its marketing objectives. We establish your brand with niche consumers while effectively communicating your brand to your target market and updating/strengthening your brand as necessary.


A touch of inspiration and and ounce of creativity fueled by passion to succeed. This is the recipe PFG deploys for every creative multimedia campaign we undertake. From versatile Online and Off-line video marketing strategies, to niche reality TV programing and Advertising, PFG is a full service multi-media powerhouse. Also, because of our relationships, our clients have access to some of the most talented creators in the film and music industries.


Let’s face it, Celebrity endorsements have always had that “instant” spark since forever. Today it’s no different. Sure the landscape has changed but the endorsement of a celebrity enhances the reputation and sales of any brand. For example, a mention from a Kardashian can easily boost sales by 50% and more! That’s the power of endorsements. Contact PrinceFrancis and see how we can help align you with an influncer to increase your brand awareness.

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